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Biathlon legend and
summit conquerer

Double Olympic champion and 7-time world champion Laura Dahlmeier (* August 22, 1993) conquerered the Biathlon-Sports with determination and willpower. In 2019, at only 25 years old, she ended her career with just that same resoluteness and self-determination.

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The down-to-earth Garmisch-Partenkirchen local appreciates her newfound freedom. But there is no such thing as shifting down a gear for Laura. In addition to studying sports science, she devotes herself intensively to her passion for the mountains. She continues to take on sporting challenges in mountain running, alpine climbing and mountaineering projects, ski tours or even on her bike. Despite ambitious performance goals, the experience in nature and with friends is increasingly valuable for her.

Strong rope teams with reliable partners are also the backbone of her joint success in a professional context. The same applies to her volunteer work and as an ambassador for charitable organizations.

Laura is known as a young woman who confidently follows her own path. Once a goal in mind she is ready to give 100% with the courage to take risks but always well prepared. True to her motto: "Scheiß da nix, dann feit da nix!" (Bavarian saying, meaning: "Don't be afraid, and you can do anything" / "as long as you don't worry too much, you have nothing to be concerned about" "You can do anything, just don't chicken out" "Don't chicken out and you can do anything"

Laura Dahlmeier's book

"Wenn ich was mach, 
mach ichs gscheid"
Laura Dahlmeier Buch

Laura Dahlmeier's book

"Wenn ich was mach, 
mach ich’s gscheid"

A book about challenges, freedom in the mountains and why it's important to do your thing.

Das über 200 Seiten starke Buch ist keine Biografie. Dafür fühlte sich die 29-Jährige noch zu jung. Vielmehr wollte sie in neun abgeschlossenen und kurzweiligen Kapiteln ihre bisherige Biathlon-Karriere und ihr Bergsteigerleben Revue passieren lassen. „Ich fand es sehr spannend, meine Gedanken zum ersten Mal schwarz auf weiß zu sehen. Manches sehe ich dadurch jetzt viel klarer.“
(ISBN: 978-3-7423-2176-3)

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