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The mountain adventure has always played a major role in Laura's life. Camaraderie and helping each other on the mountain are of central importance. That's why, even during her active biathlon career, she volunteered as an active member of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen mountain rescue team..

For Laura, home is synonymous with safety and freedom. Two essential values for her. She is therefore committed to helping people whose home has been taken, the Tibetans in exile in Nepal and southern India. She supports the association „Initiative Oberland“ in its humanitarian work, for example by founding a sewing shop that helps women earn their own income and become more independent.



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As an outdoor athlete, Laura experiences climatic changes firsthand. As an ambassador, she is involved with Eagle Wings, an organization that researches climatic changes in the Alps and creates awareness for them.

It is one of Laura's very concerns to preserve the natural habitat - especially the mountains - for future generations and she tries to keep her own footprint as small as possible in her activities. Her children's book „Die Klimagang“ talks about how each individual can contribute to climate protection.

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