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Laura associates cooperation with rope teams on the mountain. The careful selection of the partner is key, a clearly formulated common goal and authentic, fully commited action on both sides. Along the way, values are lived, emotions are shared and issues are communicated with trust.
You only reach the summit together and benefit from the uniqueness of shared summit happiness. As a well-rehearsed team, new, challenging goals can be tackled.
Kooperationen Laura Dahlmeier
Kooperationen Laura Dahlmeier



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In her outdoor adventures, Laura relies 100% on her equipment and provides feedback on her experiences for product development purposes to her partners.
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Their successful partnership started already during Laura's active biathlon career and adidas continues to be a close partner and supporter in all sporting activities. Whether it's trail running, climbing, mountaineering in the summer or cross-country skiing or ski touring in high alpine terrain in the winter. With adidas TERREX Laura is well equipped for every outdoor adventure.

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Passion for nature and a continuous commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility shape Osprey's philosophy. These values make Osprey backpacks and travel luggage, in addition to their perfect fit and thoughtful details, Laura's ideal companions for all adventures close to home or in far-off lands.

With Fischer Ski Laura was allowed to skate to all her successes of her biathlon career. She continues to ski with Fischer Ski on cross-country trails, in open terrain on ski tours and sometimes also on the slopes.

Especially in alpine terrain, trust in material and equipment is key. Petzl, Garmin and Scarpa climbing boots meet this requirement 100% with their innovative products and highest quality standards.



Kooperationen Laura Dahlmeier Gesundheit
A healthy and fit body has been the foundation of Laura's athletic success and always the greatest gift to her. Exercise and fitness are still an essential part of her everyday life. A healthy diet goes without saying for Laura.

Together with her long-term partner, the AOK Bayern, Laura promotes more movement in everyday life. With joint actions, she motivates and inspires others to move, both in the sporting sense for active health prevention and with regard to their own goals and the courage to break new ground.

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With Laura's active lifestyle, providing her body with micronutrients is critical not only for her performance but also e.g. for her immune system and muscle recovery. AG1 by Athletic Greens is Laura's daily companion that provides her with the basic supply of 75 vitamins and minerals every morning in a very simple and practical way, even on the go.

Sponser provides Lauras with the necessary nutritional supplement for top athletic performance and replenishes her power reserves for the next adventure.



laura dahlmeier zuhause projekt viessmann joka
Laura likes to be on the road but she also likes to come back home. Here, she feels safe and can put her feet up sometimes in order to set off to new adventures full of energy.

After years of successful collaboration during her active career, the long-term partnership with Viessmann is still shaped by shared values because it is important to Laura to take responsibility for the climate herself. She therefore supports advanced and precise technology within her own home. Viessmann offers innovative climate solutions that are used in Laura's home construction project which she is realizing with her mother.

Through her father's business, the "Dahlmeier Einrichtungshaus", Laura has grown up with topics related to interior design and craftsmanship. Laura therefore not only shares a long-standing partnership in biathlon sports with Joka but also an appreciation for high-quality products in her own home.



laura dahlmeier kooperationen mobilität
Even though the local mountain world offers an ideal playground, Laura travels a lot for her training, her sporting adventures and diverse sponsor and media appointments.

The car is still a key means of transportation for Laura. That makes it even more important for her to get from A to B with as few emissions as possible. With her BMW 3 Series Touring Hybrid, Laura reaches even the most remote destinations.

Whenever possible, Laura prefers the bike. With Scott Bikes she is well equipped for home trails, road bike rides and bikepacking adventures.



laura dahlmeier bühne
Laura has learned to deliver high performance in front of an audience through the sport of biathlon. Leaving the sporting venues as an athlete behind, she convincingly takes on other stages now with her expert knowledge and her likeable-authentic manner.

As a TV expert, Laura analyzes and comments on sporting events in the World Cup, World Championships or even Olympic Games for ZDF. Her own experiences, the proximity to athletes and coaches, as well as her sports science background offer the viewer interesting insights into the live events.

She shares her experiences from competitive sports especially with her cooperation partners and transfers them to the professional world. In management seminars or Meet&Greet events, Laura inspires and motivates employees to take on challenges, dare to take new steps and master goals, even in a business context With pleasure also on a guided tour by laura in the mountains.

Laura also enjoys being guest on entertainment and talk shows or at corporate events as long as her schedule permits.

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